Wedding photography

Wedding photography

Wedding photography requires imagination, experience and good perception. My approach to every wedding I undertake has one purpose, to highlight the beautiful moments in a unique way and to capture the emotions of both you and your guests. Throughout the day, from the bride and groom's preparations, the ceremony and the reception, I aim to create imaginative and spontaneous images and capture the moments discreetly and consistently. I am available to cover your wedding photography, in any place in Greece or anywhere else you have dreamed of taking place and to contribute in my way to your future memories.

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Wedding photography FAQs

Find all the answers for your wedding photography. If you have any other question, you can contact me through the contact form or by phone.

What is your photography style?

In 2 words documentary - storytelling. What does this mean; That I photograph the real moments without setting you up and creating fake stories that were not your choice. You can see through my samples my consistency and my point of view and if you can imagine yourself in these images and you like what you will see, then I might be your photographer.

Do you undertake wedding photography outside of Thessaloniki?

I love traveling so it will be my pleasure to photoshoot your wedding in any place in Greece, Cyprus or elsewhere.

Who will photoshoot our wedding?

I always personally photoshoot every wedding I undertake as I do not book a 2nd event at the pre-arranged hours of that day.

Are you editing wedding photos?

All featured wedding photos are tonally and colour edited according to my samples before being delivered to you.

Do you deliver wedding photos in digital format and approximately how many?

Your wedding photos are delivered in high resolution without my logo and are around 800 to 1200 after I first select the best ones for you.

When will we be able to see our wedding photos?

Your wedding photos will be ready approximately 3 months after the event and you will be able to view them in your personal online gallery.

What is the online wedding photo gallery?

The online wedding photo gallery is your personal space on the internet, where your photos will be. Log in using a password so you can control who can access it. Through the gallery you will be able to view, download, mark and share your favourite photos on social media. The gallery also has an application for mobile or tablet so you always have the photos with you!

What kind of products do you have for wedding photography?

I have a selected collection of products based on quality and aesthetics. The collection includes digital albums printed on superior quality premium paper, printed photo packs, large prints and more.

Will you design our digital wedding album?

Yes, the creative of the wedding album is done by me in a minimal and simple line. Each sheet is themed to unfold the story of the wedding in a beautiful way. The number of photos it will contain depends on the number of sheets to be created. Once completed, your album is sent to your online gallery for you to view and make any changes you wish before it is printed.

What are your prices for wedding photography?

Wedding photography prices are set according to the needs of the event, the services, the products you want and the location of the wedding. Contact me so that you can tell me a few words about your wedding and I can prepare my financial offer.

How do you get paid for wedding photography?

Payment is made in 2 to 3 instalments depending on the products of your package. The first instalment is given with the agreement of our cooperation, the second on the day of the wedding and the third before the printing of your album (if it is included in your package).

How long in advance do we need to contact you to book you as our wedding photographer?

Ideally it is 10-12 months in advance after you first choose the date so that I can be available as a photographer for your wedding.

Can you hold our wedding date until we decide?

Unfortunately no, the date can be reserved for you by validating our agreement and paying the deposit. If during this time another couple is interested, they can reserved the date.

Do you give us an agreement for the wedding photography?

Yes, all details for wedding photography, payment, delivery etc are given to you in detail in writing.