Baptism photography

Baptism photography

In every baptism photoshoot we make sure to narrate the real events of the day like a little story. From the baby's baptism clothes, the decoration, the church, to the sacrament of baptism, the reception and the next day family photoshoot, we create images with imagination and an artistic approach. We can cover the photoshoot of your baby's baptism in Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki or anywhere else you have planned to take place. Samples of next day family photography can be seen in the family section.

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Baptism photography FAQs

Find all the answers for your baptism photography. If you have any other question, you can contact me through the contact form or by phone.

Our baptism will take place outside of Thessaloniki, will you be able to undertake the photoshoot?

Of course, I can undertake the photoshoot of your baptism wherever it takes place.

Will you be the photographer at our baptism?

I do not undertake 2 events for the same date and time, so I will definitely be the photographer at your baptism.

Is it possible to have a family photoshoot on a different day than the baptism?

Of course, family photoshoot is a nice idea and a good opportunity to combine it with the baptism. We can schedule the photoshoot a few days before or after the baptism. Samples of family photography can be seen in the family section.

How do you edit the baptism photos?

Your baptism photos will be processed based on my colour and tonal samples before delivery.

Will we be able to have the baptism photos digitally and approximately how many will we receive?

After I first make a selection, you will be delivered about 300 - 400 photos from your baptism in your personal online gallery. Photos will not have my logo and will be in high resolution.

When will our baptism photos be ready?

In 8 to 12 weeks your baptism photos will be available in your own online gallery where you can enter with your personal password.

What exactly is the online baptism photo gallery?

The online baptism photo gallery is the page where your photos will be. A password will be required to enter so you will be in control of the people who can visit it. You will be able to view your photos, download them, mark your favourites and share them directly on social media. Also, you can always have the baptism photos with you as the gallery also works as an application on your tablet or mobile phone!

What kind of products do you have for baptism photography?

For the baptism photo I have chosen a range of products (digital albums, print packages etc) based on their aesthetics and quality. You can see them up close in my studio and choose the ones that suit you.

How is the digital baptismal album designed?

The design of the baptism album is done with a modern aesthetic, with the aim of highlighting the photos. Each sheet is unique so that the album tells the story descriptively. The number of photos that will be used in the album depends on how many sheets there will be. Before printing it you will be able to see it in your online gallery and of course if you want you will be able to make some changes.

How can we find out about your baptism photography prices?

To find out about the prices for baptism photography, you can contact me so that we can discuss for your baptism and send you my offer. Prices may vary depending on location of baptism, requirements, products and services.

What is your payment method for baptism photography?

For baptism photography, payment is made in 2 or 3 instalments. The first payment is made with the validation of our agreement, the second on the day of the baptism and the third before the printing of the album (if it is included in the package).

How many months in advance do we need to ratify our agreement to have you as our baptism photographer?

In order for your date to be available and for me to be your baptism photographer, our agreement must be confirmed approximately 4 to 6 months in advance.

Can you reserve the date of our baptism and get back to you later?

I'm sorry but no, I do not undertake 2 baptisms for the same date and time. If another couple comes to an agreement, the pre-arranged times for that day will be reserved.

Do you provide an agreement for baptism photography?

All baptism photography information will be available online for easy access.